Grasco Allied Metalworks Specialist, Inc. started its operations in September 2016 after its incorporators bought and continued the production of fans, blower wheels, and blower housings from Grasco Industries, Inc. (“GII”). The sale included the rights to produce GII designed products as well as the machineries, toolings, technology, and dies ensuring the consistency in the production process and product quality. With the goal of safeguarding and developing technical know how, Grasco Allied hired handpicked GII employees which guaranteed a highly skilled workforce. Key positions such as in-house engineer, and production and quality managers and supervisors were also occupied by trusted and highly recommended GII employees. Grasco Allied’s incorporators also contribute to the company’s brain power as they have been a player in the manufacturing industry for over 40 years running Grasco Allied’s sister company Stamp Form Metalworks Inc. An ISO certified manufacturing company which services the appliance industry with copper and metal air-conditioning parts.



Since its inception, Grasco Allied has been aggressively improving different aspects of the business as well as broadening its product base and service offerings. It has been seeing significant increase in sales due to vigorous promotion initiatives. Apart from adding Centrifugal Blowers and Propeller Fan Assemblies to their product line, Grasco Allied now provides its customers maintenance services, and design and engineering consultancy. The company has also been implementing process improvement activities to ensure product quality and operational efficiency. It has also been rolling out machinery and tooling upgrades to ensure that the company can keep up with the demands of its customers. With a revitalized leadership, highly skilled workforce, a broad and time-tested knowledge base, and improved toolings and machineries, Grasco Allied finds itself poised to take on new business opportunities.